athletic performance

how does it work?

Your athlete has some tough competition. If they're looking for a little extra edge, The Athletic Way is here to help. Our expert staff will waste no time putting together a program that is tailored to YOUR sport, with a no-frills, results-oriented approach. Come check out our program, and see why our athletes out-run, out-jump, and out-last the competition--every time.

Custom Programs

Your athlete needs more than just a generic workout program. The Athletic Way prepares your athlete for THEIR sport--this means no frills, and no time wasted in our gym. We set your athlete up for success with programming tailored to their needs, and most importantly, tailored to keeping them injury-free.

Get Ahead in the Off-Season

The most important time of year for young athletes is the off-season. With us to guide them, your athlete can take advantage of this time to bolster their fitness, so they're prepared to charge back into the season and outperform the competition.

what people are saying

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“Want to grab a beer after a workout? This is the gym for you. The members of this box are friendly, welcoming and enjoy having a good time. The programming is designed to push each athlete, no matter what level they are at the start. The class sizes are small, which allows for a lot of personal attention. Needless to say, I won’t be going anywhere else.”

-Samantha D.



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